EFT Training Program Article on Effectiveness of EFT

EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique is an excellent way to help with anxiety, stress, grief, or phobias.  It is an alternative therapy that is non evasive and can be done by oneself after taught how to utilize it.  It has had great success for many patients in alleviating their emotional disorders by removing displaced negative energy through tapping.

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The article, “I Gave EFT Tapping a Try-Here’s How It Works and How It Helped Me Destress in Minutes” by Jennifer Benjamin takes a closer look at how EFT is effective.  She states,

“For many of us, stress is pretty much a constant state of being, with emails coming in fast and furious, news headlines keeping us up at night, and to-do lists we can barely stay on top of. Of course, experts always warn about the dangers of having too much stress, but finding ways to combat it can be tough. While many try talk therapy, exercise, meditation and, well, wine, an alternative technique for stress relief has emerged in recent years. It’s called EFT, which stands for emotional freedom technique, also known as “tapping.”

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