Anger Management Training Article on ACE and Anger

Adverse childhood experiences can affect one emotionally in so many ways.  Anger is one type of common emotion that can later erupt in adulthood from these types of experiences as a child.  It is important to channel this natural emotion properly and to understand why it is emerging so it does not become destructive.  Anger Management Training can help in these cases.  Counseling can also help to understand the root of the issue

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The article, “How Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Impact Adult Anger” by Dr Bernard Golden looks deeper at ACE’s and how anger later re-emerges.  He states,

“Following the original research, hundreds of studies have been performed to determine other potential consequences associated with ACEs—including their impact on trait anger—a predisposition for anger arousal and hostility. This makes perfect sense when we consider that childhood treatment represents a threat to children.”

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It is important for individuals to identify their sources of anger.  Childhood trauma can play a key role in adult anger.

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