Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Anger Resolution in Couples

In relationships, especially marriage, it can be difficult living with an angry partner.  One angry spouse is bad enough but when both engage, bad things can occur.  Domestic violence, emotional abuse and divorce can all lead from unresolved anger in marriage.  It is easier said then done to be always saintly and understanding but it is something all couples should strive for in how they treat each other.

Better anger and conflict management is needed in relationships and marriage. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Program


In diffusing situations, it is important to understand how to de-escalate anger between each other when one is angry and the other is not.  This key to a happier and safer marriage.

The article, “Strategies for Dealing With an Angry Partner” from John McCaffrey looks closer at how an angry partner can be helped to transition into less anger.  The article states,

“He explained that anger is often central to conflict, and there are ways to use it to promote good and better outcomes.  In this regard, he talked about his work with couples in conflict, and how anger between them is sadly too often destructive when it can be the foundation for positive transformation and a better relationship. ”

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Good conflicts instead of high conflicts are key in utilizing anger properly and also de-escalating it when it becomes personal and more violent.  Couples need to understand basic anger management techniques to better treat each other with respect but also to resolve damaging issues in a safe and beneficial way

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