Anger Management and ADHD Consulting Article on ADHD and Anger

ADHD can enhance irritation.  People can be less patient, more irritable due to ADHD.  This is important to note especially with someone who may not know they have ADHD but always find themselves frustrated.  It may not be so much about irritability but ADHD.

Frustration from ADHD can leader to anger outbursts. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger and ADHD Consulting Programs


The article, “ADHD and Anger: What’s the Connection?” from Healthline looks closer at how anger can be enhanced through ADHD.  The article states,

“Irritability and ADHD appear to go hand in hand. In one recent studyTrusted Source involving 696 children with ADHD, 91 percent had at least one symptom of irritability. In this study, researchers found that irritability was associated with both anxiety and depression symptoms.”

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With such cases of irritation and moods from ADHD, anger can reduced with proper treatment of the ADHD.

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