Grief Counseling Training Article on Intolerance of Uncertainty

When something bad happens to a friend or something bad happens in the news, it is natural to fear that it could possibly happen to you.  This uncertainty may make one focus on losing a loved one although it is unlikely it could occur.  This can create extreme anxiety and create the feeling of the potential loss.

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In this fallen world, happiness is not complete.  With everything gained, it will eventually be taken back.  This is a reality of the world. However to become obsessed with things that probably will not occur traumatically or suddenly, can sullen the happiness one possesses in the present.  The focus and fear on the future can bring grief that should not be actualized because nothing has occured.

The article, “Grief, Loss, and Intolerance of Uncertainty” from “What’s Your Grief” looks at this concept of Intolerance of Uncertainty.  The article states,

“People very reasonably say to me – “The chances of that terrible thing happening are so low – why do you worry?” To which I usually respond, “Well, if it has to happen to someone, why shouldn’t it be me?” I’m not sure whether I’ve always taken such issue with the unknown, but I’m certain that being exposed to loss has exacerbated my fears. ”

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