Healthcare Case Management Certification Article

Healthcare management is a key element in providing quality healthcare.  Unfortunately, the United States and its healthcare system ranks very low in comparison to other industrialized nations.  This has led to the necessity of utilizing healthcare managers to help provide better delivery of healthcare systems by a better understanding of healthcare data and its delivery, population health, competencies of professionals, and care coordination.

Better delivery and outcomes for healthcare are the product of good case management. Please also review AIHCP’s Healthcare Case Management Program


The article, “Managed Care-A Plan to the Future” by Patricia Kirkpatrick looks at the critical importance of Managed Care for the future of Healthcare in the United States.  She states,

“Value-based care is here to stay. By developing specific competencies in quality, population health, care coordination, data analytics, governance and care delivery, MCOs can empower their workforces to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by this new model—and ultimately improve health care outcomes for all.”

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Please also review the American Academy of Case Management’s Healthcare Case Management Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals seeking a four year certification in Case Management