Hypnotherapy Certification Article on Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Hypnosis has a multitude of benefits for individuals looking to better themselves.  From ceasing bad habits to losing weight, hypnosis can help.  In particular, hypnosis can help individuals lose weight by reinforcing discipline and training the mind to better resist urges.

Can self hypnosis help someone with weight loss? Please also review AIHCP’s Hypnotherapy Certification


The article, “Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Can It Help?” from Healthline looks at how self hypnosis can aid an individual possibly lose weight.  The article states,

“Hypnotherapy alone probably won’t deliver dramatic weight loss results, but there’s evidence it can help alter the beliefs and emotional connections that interfere with your ability to modify your diet and exercise routines effectively.”

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Please also review AIHCP’s Hypnotherapy Certification and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and independent study and intended for qualified professionals seeking a four year certification in Hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis has a variety of benefits and being able to help others utilize this alternative therapy is an excellent resource for healthcare and behavioral health professionals.