Healthcare Life Coach Program Article on Walking and Creativity

Physical exercise as simple as walking is obviously good for the body but it also is good for the overall existence and health of the entire person.  Studies show a correlation between creativity and walking.  More walking and physical movement is key for the brain to be more creative as well as overall physical health.  One study reviewed this.

Walking can open one up to better creativity as opposed to sedentary life styles. Please also review AIHCP’s Healthcare Life Coach Program


The article, “Can Exercise Make You More Creative?” by Gretchen Reynolds looked more closely at this study and correlation between walking and creativity.  She states,

“If you often exercise, there’s a good chance you also tend to be more creative, according to an interesting new study of the links between physical activity and imagination. It finds that active people come up with more and better ideas during tests of their inventiveness than people who are relatively sedentary, and suggests that if we wish to be more innovative, we might also want to be movers and shakers.”

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