Grief Counseling Training Article on Breakups

One type of grief and loss that is dismissed by many are breakups.  Many people shout “get over it” or “you barely knew her or him” or even, “it is time to meet someone now”.  These types of losses can be disenfranchised for many.  With so many breakups throughout the country, people are constantly grieving the loss of a boyfriend or girlfriend.  It is a difficult adaptation for those in more serious relationships but even the smallest relationship can leave one upset for weeks

Grieving a breakup can be difficult for many people. Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Counseling Training


The article, “Grief After a Breakup: Three Things You Should Know” from Whats Your Grief  reviews some ways to better cope and what to expect.  The article states,

“Breaking up is really hard to do. Most of us know what it’s like to suffer a broken heart. Many of us know how complicated it is to separate two lives intricately intertwined. Being that we’ve all probably experienced some form of breakup grief, we know stressful, ongoing, and overwhelming this experience of loss can be.”

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