Clinical Hypnotherapy Program Article on Hyponsis

Hypnosis is growing quickly in the United States as an alternative non evasive way to deal with stress, grief, trauma, bad habits, and past fears.   It is far more than a mere trick but a tool with multi dimensional levels that looks to heal and help the sub conscious mind.

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The article, “Hypnotherapy Benefits Are Real—but What Is This Ancient Technique, Exactly, and Should You Try It? ” by Julia Savacool looks in detail about the process of hypnotherapy and its many uses.  She states, 

Its resurrection as a legitimate tool for mental and physical healthcare in recent years coincides with a better understanding of how to use hypnosis together with other treatments to improve people’s well-being. “Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness,” says Willmarth. “It is not a therapy in itself, but it’s a strong adjunctive technique that takes any other therapeutic technique and makes it better. If you take behavioral therapy without hypnosis and compare it to therapy with hypnosis, you’ll see the patient has better outcomes when hypnosis is included.”

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