Stress Management Consulting Article on Work Addiction

Stress can be a killing force especially for individuals who work too much.  Work addiction can ruin lives and kill people young.  It is important to find a proper balance with work and leisure to avoid stress, burnout and poor health.

Research points out that those who over work, live shorter lives.  This is why it is so critical to balance life and not work oneself to the grave.

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The article, “How Work Addiction Could Be Hurting Your Career Without Your Knowledge” by Bryan Robinson discusses how addiction to work can have ill effects.  He states,

“You work compulsively and constantly day and night, holidays and weekends, regardless of the deadline. You’re a hard-driving perfectionist, your work is thorough, and your standards practically unreachable. There’s no letup and few periods of down time in your life, and leisure and recreation are rare. ”

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