Anger Management Consulting Certification Article on Controlling Words

Many times people say things in anger they regret.  Words can damage relationships permanently.  It is important to watch one’s tongue when in anger and never allow emotion to get the best of oneself when dealing with other people.  Learning to what to say when angry is critical.  It is a life skill that can help one stay out of trouble and not hurt family and friends.

It is sometimes best to talk when angry after reflection. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Certification


The article, “The Thing To Say Every Time You’re Angry” by Laura Vanderkam looks into what is best to say when anger overtakes.  She states,

“In this angry, anxious, and polarized time, it’s easy to lash out, whether on social media or at people in your real life. And we often end up wishing we didn’t:One survey found that a majority of social media users had posted something they regretted.”

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Learning to avoid the conflict with immediate verbal slashes is critical to good relationships with others. Learning how to walk away and say what gives you more time to reflect is key to not allowing emotion to dictate words you may later regret.

Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Certification.  Qualified professionals can learn how to help others how to manage their emotions and control anger.