Grief Counseling Certification Program Article on Miscarriage Grief

Miscarriages are a forgotten grief for many parents.  The loss of the child is seen not as a child in some cases but only as what if.  The reality of the what if and the fear of not having a child incurs a reality of a loss but also a loss of potentials.  Many barren families suffer multiple miscarriages and suffer horrible grief over the loss and inability to have a child born.   Unfortunately, there is no grave, there is no funeral and there is no way to express the loss formally.

Miscarriages are sometimes the forgotten grief by society. Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Counseling Certification Program


The article, “WHAT FOUR MISCARRIAGES TAUGHT ME ABOUT GRIEF AND FAITH” by Rebecca Abbot looks at his type of disenfranchised loss.  She states,

“Miscarriage has been – and is often still – considered a taboo subject. “One of the reasons why miscarriage and fertility issues in general are taboo or still have stigma around them is because anything related to fertility just feels very intimate and deeply personal,” Adriel explains. “It’s involving the body, our hearts, our dreams. It’s involving our minds, our preconceived ideas of the role of women and men and family, and how we imagine our lives.”

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