Crisis Intervention Specialist Program Article on Mindfulness-Based Crisis Intervention

Mindfulness interventions for patients who deal with mental issues or trauma can help individuals and their overall outcome and mental healing.  Mindfulness Crisis Intervention help individuals find healing but also reduce the risks and costs associated with re admissions for healthcare facilities.  It is important to continue to improve on mental health for everyone.  Mindfulness, meditation and various professional interventions can help mental crisis.

The article, “Mindfulness Interventions May Improve Psychosis Outcomes” by Jessica Janze looks closer at how interventions can help individuals overcome mental crisis and reduce  re admissions.  She states,

“A new study, published in BMC Psychiatry, examines the feasibility and acceptability of a Mindfulness-Based Crisis Intervention (MBCI) for patients experiencing psychosis in the inpatient setting. Results of the parallel-group, randomized control trial (RCT), led by Pamela Jacobson from King’s College London, suggest that mindfulness-based interventions delivered during inpatient hospitalizations may reduce short-term readmissions, a key indicator of quality in mental health care.”

These studies show the usefulness of Mindful-Based Crisis Intervention.  To read the entire article, please click here

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