ADHD Consulting Program Article on ADHD and Sleep

How much does ADHD and sleep problems have in common?  It is true many with ADHD suffer from an inability to mindfully rest.  This could also play a role during sleep.  ADHD can cause problems that prevent the mind from resting.  Instead, the mind races from one thought to the next.  These issues can correspond with sleep issues.  The sleep issues can also play big roles in the ADHD itself surprisingly.  They tend to fuel each other.

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The article, “How Much Do Sleep Problems Underlie ADHD Symptoms?” by Dr David Rettew looks closer at the inter relations of sleep deficit and ADHD.  He states,

“The study has some important implications. While clinicians have long been aware that sleeping problems are quite common among those diagnosed with ADHD, the degree to which these difficulties are responsible for attention problems is often underappreciated. These data suggest that if we can help people with ADHD “just” sleep better, their symptoms might improve. ”

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