Anger Management Consulting Certification on Anger and the Pandemic

Usually war, disaster or tragedy unite, but the COVID 19 pandemic has managed to divide the country.  On one side there are citizens who are obeying restrictions and social distancing and on the other side, there are individuals who are openly defying the restrictions.  This dangerous mentality adds to the division that display political fault lines simply by wearing a mask or not wearing one.   This also fuels an already uneasy political landscape between Trump and the Democratic Party, and for that matter most mainstream individuals.   The response to the disaster has only enraged more as everyone looks to point the finger.

Covid19 pandemic has led to political divide instead of unity against the virus. Some minority groups see the fight against the virus as a campaign against their rights. This has led to political anger between maskers and non maskers


This unrest and fear across the nation has led to increase signs of political anger.  Protests and armed open carry as a sign of intimidation towards others who support  science and the medical field is perplexing.  While the shut downs have hurt everyone economically, the irrational response of anger out of fear has engulfed the nation.  Individuals demanding their rights over the inconvenience of regulations imposed by the the state are becoming more and more angry.   They are channeling their anger of  not wearing  mask into a political movement against state control and a secret agenda.

Others in response are becoming increasingly angry with the absurdity of not wearing a mask or questioning the apparent danger of the virus.  This has led to conflicts and showdowns between maskers and non maskers.  Without good leadership in Washington, which is constantly sending mixed signals, individuals are becoming even more angry.

It is unfortunate that political divide and anger has even poured into the medical and scientific realms where safety against the virus is now questioned.   As this continues, individuals must keep their calm.  Wear the masks, keep distance and do not allow anger to overwhelm oneself when seeing someone who blatantly disregards safety due to their misdirected and unsound anger.  Two angry minds do not solve the problem.

Protests against the economic shutdown are spread across the country. This fueling of anger from the political field makes fighting the virus more difficult


However, fear has not only engulfed the social sphere but also home life.  Again where families should come together, one is discovering cases of domestic violence.   New schedules, unemployment frustration, cabin fever, and enforcing pandemic rules are a stress on families.  Many families are also gripped with fear and that fear can turn into outbursts.  This is even a more dangerous situation in households where domestic violence is already an ingredient of everyday life.

Overall, many Americans are acting calm outside and inside their homes, but as a nation, we collectively must remain calm.  One cannot allow fear of the virus, anger over the situation and stress of new guidelines to lead to conflict and confrontation.  It is far easier to become emotional but if everyone follows the guidelines, ignores the fringe minority, and works together as a family and community then this crisis will slowly go away.

Homes in quarantine with a history of domestic violence also face anger issues.


Wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing can help protect families from infection.   If everyone tries their best, then spread can be minimized.  As the country starts to re-open, new challenges will emerge and new cases, but everyone must not allow fear, stress and outside noise distract them from the task at hand.  This is going to be a long war on the virus and if the correct mindset is adopted, we can limit fear, reduce false expectations and face challenges with a sound mind.

Anger is something we do not need added to the already volatile situation.  Frustration over the situation is understandable but we cannot allow that frustration to turn into an anger that makes one  become enemies with one another or take political agendas over science and medical advice.

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In the meantime, remember to stay calm, follow medical advice, and face the crisis one day at a time.  That is the best way to deal with the anger that is surrounding everyone due to this crisis without allowing it to enrage yourself.