Pet Loss Grief Support Article on Adjusting to the Loss of a Pet

Like any loss, life changes afterwards. It takes time to recover and adjust to the new normal.  While this new normal may be painful, people learn to adjust and grow.  Losing a pet is no different.  Adjusting to not having the love and company of a pet can take months to heal and finally accept as a new and sad reality.  Time heals but one never forgets the love of a dog that greets you at the door, or snuggling cat, or even a ride through the forest with a horse.  They are not truly pets but companions and family.

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The article, “Life after a pet’s death” from Manilia Standard Lifestyle looks at the steps to go through in adjusting to life without a beloved pet.  The article states,

“Grieving is a highly personalized, individualistic experience that is influenced by culture and social groups. The process in which you might experience the pain of losing your pet might look immensely different from even a direct family member living in the same house, “ said Adam Clark, LCSW, in “7 Self-Care Essentials While Grieving the Death of a Pet” in Psychology Today.”

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