AIHCP’s New Healthcare Management and Nursing Management Programs

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals has and continues to offer the most affordable, dependable and quality certifications in the healthcare field.  It has for twenty years offered Healthcare Case Management and Legal Nurse Consulting certifications for healthcare professionals and nurses.  It has since added a variety of programs, including Forensic Nursing, Holistic and Integrative Specialist and Nurse Educator Programs.  It now is offering a new and exciting program for nurses seeking to rise up the corporate ladder in leadership and management positions.

Learn how to enhance your resume and become a leader and manager within your nursing fields. Please review our Nursing Management Program


AIHCP is offering two new certification programs, Healthcare Management and Nursing Management.  Both aim to help nurses find the education and knowledge necessary to learn the key components of organizational leadership and healthcare departmental management.  The program offers 6 key courses for Healthcare Management and additional course for Nursing Management.  The courses focus on key concepts of healthcare management and nursing management, as well as leadership, organizational behavior, human resource, delivery models, budgeting concepts and insurance and reimbursement procedure.

With management and leadership positions so competitive it is key to have every advantage necessary to climb the corporate ladder.   Experience and good work history are the first ingredient with knowledge and education as the next critical ingredient.  Nurses who possess leadership qualities, can utilize their experience and education to boost their resume and present to management their qualification as a perfect candidate for manager positions within the healthcare system.   Certifications boost this credibility.

Certifications orbit the primary education, licence and experience of a nurse.   They enhance the resume and present additional education beyond the undergraduate and graduate degree.  AIHCP’s continuing education and certification model present an excellent tool to make a qualified nurse stand out among his or her peers.   The Healthcare Management and Nursing Management Certifications prepare and help the candidate to become viable options at the leadership level.

Again, the programs at AIHCP are online, self paced and independent study.  They allow the busy schedule of a licensed professional to not become interrupted by scheduled classes and exam times.  Instead, the programs at AIHCP allow the student to pick the time to read and take the exam.  Furthermore, all courses are mentored and the student has unlimited mentorship as needed from qualified instructors.

In addition to the certification, nurses have an opportunity, while working towards certification, to earn continuing education hours towards a renewal of nursing licenses.  All courses have the State Board of California Nursing approvals which have reciprocity in many states.   For those not seeking continuing education, the courses nonetheless, give the candidate the necessary skills and education to handle any manager position with confidence.

Make the transfer to leadership through AIHCP’s Healthcare Management and Nursing Management Programs and see if they meet your academic and professional goals


The Healthcare Management and Nursing Management certifications are four-year certifications.  Upon expiration, the certified member needs to demonstrate 500 hours of clinical, academic or professional work within the field of management and also present 50 hours of continuing education.  Renewal pushes certification to another four-year limit until re-certification again is required.

Nurses who become certified as a Healthcare Manager or Nurse Manager can have the confidence of possessing not only the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed, but also the comfort of possessing a high quality certification that will enhance their resume and status within the healthcare community and facility.  If you would like to learn more about the Healthcare Management Program and Nursing Management Program then please review them and see if they match your academic and professional goals.   With this certification, qualified applicants could be operating at a leadership and management level very soon and fulfilling their leadership aspirations.