Anger Management Consulting Article on Dr. Conte’s Yield Theory

Part of anger management is preventing escalation not only in oneself but also others.  Dr Conte, the instructor of AIHCP’s Anger Management Courses teaches that it is important to listen and understand the other person’s issues and to make sure the other person feels heard.  In doing, so, one then can validate and offer other solutions.  Not being attached to one’s own view is also critical.  In a confrontation, preaching to the other person can also escalate.


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The article, “Yield Theory: An Enlightened Approach to Anger” by Conan Milner reviews Dr Conte’s  Yield Theory and how listening, not being overly attached to one’s own opinions, and offer viable solutions can help diffuse anger on both sides.  Milner states,

“When you’re embroiled in an argument, you’re eager to prove your point. But if your approach only escalates the conflict, people will become resistant to your message. It’s tempting to believe that your ability to convince others comes primarily from what you say (or how forcefully you say it). But according to Dr. Christian Conte, the key lies in how well you listen.”

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Dr Conte works nation wide helping prison guards deescalate confrontations, as well as teaching Anger Management.  His courses at AIHCP are available to students searching to become certified in Anger Management Consulting.  Please review the program and see if it meet your academic and professional goals.