Pastoral Thanatology Program Article on Dying at Home

Palliative care helps individuals face life threatening illnesses with compassion and care.  Hospice helps those who are terminal.  Both can give the comforts of home during an illness or near death.  Is dying at home overrated or is it truly better?

Dying at home is a luxury not all have. Please also review our pastoral thanatology program and see if it meets your academic needs

The article, “Is Dying at Home Overrated?” by Jon Han looks at this question in detail.  He states, 

“It is emotionally and intellectually compelling that patients should die in their own homes, surrounded by loved ones in a comfortable, familiar environment. For patients dying of end-stage disease, be it cancer, heart disease or something else, even the best hospitals are unlikely to be able to “fix” the underlying problem.”

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Dying at home has many benefits if possible.  It can give the emotional and spiritual needs a person needs.  Please review our Pastoral Thanatology Program and see if it meets your educational and professional needs.