Christian Counseling Certification Article on Disagreement with Spiritual Elders

Spiritual leaders are not perfect.  In the news we see corruption at all levels of spiritual leaders.   On a smaller scale, spiritual leaders may be sincere but many have imperfections.  We can come into conflict with various spiritual leaders over numerous issues in the life of the church.  How we approach these differences and know how to react are key.   Sometimes we may need to submit to their ideals other times they may be very wrong and need admonished but in a way of charity and respect.

How do we approach the errors of our spiritual leaders? Please also review our Christian Counseling Certification

The article, “The right way to disagree with spiritual elders” by Michael Brown looks at how we can with respect, disagree and work with spiritual elders.  He states,

“I write these words as an elder in the Body, as a father in the faith, and as one who despises abusive and heavy-handed leadership. So, before I talk about how to disagree with a spiritual elder, allow me to speak plainly about the role of Church leaders.”

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Respect is very important whenever we come into disagreement with our spiritual elders.  It is essential we discuss the error or issue in a charitable, private and respectful way.  Please also review our Christian Counseling Certification and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.