Grief Counseling Program Article on Grief and Sleep

Great article on grief and how it can affect sleep.  Sleep is important to recovery from anything and sometimes loss can take such an affect on someone that sleep can be negatively affected.  Whether nightmares or insomnia, it is important to find help in dealing with grief when sleep is deprived.

Sleep is key to good health. Grief can disrupt sleep and health. Please also review our Grief Counseling Program

The article, “Sleeping After Loss: Understanding the Effects of Grief on Sleep” by Sleep Adviser offers a comprehensive information chart on grief and sleep.  The article looks at the danger of lack of sleep and ways to regain sleep while dealing with grief.  The article states,

“Losing sleep might be a normal thing that everyone goes through from time to time, especially in times of great distress or sadness, but that doesn’t diminish the terrible impact it can have on the body.”

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