Pet Loss Grief Counseling Certification Article on Mourning a Pet

Grieving a pet is critical to recovery.  With pets being so much as like family, if one does not take the time to grieve the loss of a pet, then one can face further grief complications.  Allowing oneself to grieve the loss of a pet can help one ultimately recover and accept the loss in a healthy fashion

The article, Paw Prints: Grieving process can bring you relief from pet’s death, by 

“Most people love their pets enough to consider them members of the family. Pets provide companionship, emotional support and unconditional love. When a beloved pet dies, it’s natural to feel sorrow and experience grief.”

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For children, the death of a pet may be the first experience with death. A child may blame himself, his parents or the veterinarian for not saving the pet. A child may also feel guilty, depressed and frightened that others he loves may be taken from him.

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