Applications of a Certified Grief Counselor

What Exactly is a Certified Grief Counselor?

Would you like to learn how to become a certified grief counselor?
Would you like to learn how to become a certified grief counselor?

Believe it or not, people confuse the nature of Grief Counseling with many things that it is not.   Grief Counseling does not deal with pathologies, but the simple emotion of loss and the re-adaptation to that loss.   A certified Grief Counselor, without a counseling license issued by the state, does not possess the training or skill to deal with depression or complicated grief.

In this regard, a person who is a certified Grief Counselor, may or may not be a licensed counselor.  Licensed counselors may very well seek out a certification in Grief Counseling as a professional attachment to their already glowing resume, but as a certification, this is voluntary.

Hence a certified Grief Counselor is a trained professional who helps people deal with loss and readjustment to that loss.  The loss can vary from the death of a loved one to a loss of a job and anything in between.  As a trained professional, a certified Grief Counselor, as mentioned, can already be a licensed counselor who can deal with deeper issue of grief, or any health care professional.   Other professional candidates for Grief Counseling Certification include those in Social Work, Ministry, Funeral Services, or Hospice.

If non of these professions apply, an approved degree in the Health Science or Social Sciences can be applicable for eligibility.

The American Academy of Grief Counseling requires that their certified Grief Counselors meet these requirements, as well as completion of four basic core courses in Grief Counseling.  These independent study courses with mentorship, help the student grasp the basic of the nature of grief and how to help individuals suffering from it.  Theories and practical counseling techniques are taught in these courses and help the qualified professional achieve the educational background necessary to successfully grief counsel.

Those seeking employment in Grief Counseling can coach/counsel at the grassroot level or work in conjuction with a variety of healthcare institutions, schools, funeral homes, social programs, hospices, or church ministries.

The need for Grief Counseling and certified Grief Counselors is always great because all humans grieve.  It is the nature of a person to experience loss.  With this in mind, the career of a certified Grief Counselor is not just a job but also a vocation to the suffering

If you are interested in learning more about Grief Counseling Education or would like to become a certified Grief Counselor, then please review the program.


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