The Various Effects of Anger on Your Body.

The Effect Of Anger At Your Body and Overall Health


It’s quite crazy how anger can get the best of us sometimes. It can make even the purest and most innocent soul transform into a lady love sent from hell, and believe me, this is not a pleasant sight. This is proof that no matter how frustrating or hell-like your life is, one fact still remains—anger is, and will forever be, a curved blade.

Aside from losing the once deep connections you had with the people you love, anger could highly affect your holistic health as well. Yes, anger is a poison and as much as you would like to make yourself believe that it is natural and ok to keep these feelings buried deep in your heart, trust me when I say that you are only making your world smaller, bleaker and darker.

Anger is Your Heart’s Deadly Pill

No one survives in life without saying ‘hi’ to this very poisonous emotion. However, what you do and do not do to get anger out of your system will greatly impact your health in all levels. I’m positive that all of you have felt your heart hurting whenever you get very angry—yes, I can see some nods there.

The more you let anger remain in your heart, the higher the chance for you to contract heart-related illnesses. Studies have shown that those who get angry quickly and lash out are more prone to atherosclerosis. Conversely, if you let anger reside in your heart for a very long time, your risk of suffering from heart attack triples. Therefore, it is best that you look for a way to make peace with your past and release all the anger out—that is, if you still want to live a long life.


You may not have suffered heart attack yet, but anger can cause your blood pressure to really spike up. This will ruin your daily routine and it also exposes you to more health-related risks.

Sleepless Ugly

Yes, you read the heading right. Anger will not help you become your own version of a Sleeping Beauty because I promise you, holding anger will not help you sleep well at night. Physically, you’ll look more tired and stressed. And of course, this will not facilitate your body’s cell regeneration over the night. Not only this, people who suffer from insomnia do less and always become less. So if you aim to be the best version of yourself, let your anger out my dear friend.

From Flawless to Flaw-FULL

If you love your skin, let go of that anger. It’s way better to be beautiful and happy than to be hideous inside and out. Anger can cause chemicals and hormones within the body to act differently, and this in turn could be the reason why you are experiencing an acne outbreak. Even though an effective acne treatment can really help you bring back your flawless skin, it will be much better if you bid goodbye to the main culprit—anger.

Frowns and Lines

Aside from the many diseases you could contract from keeping an angry heart, you will also age un-beautifully if you keep that anger in. Studies have proven that the lines on your face when you grow old are reflections of your daily facial expressions. It’s quite better to age with ‘smiling’ lines on your face than those fine lines and wrinkles on your eyes and brows that make you look angry every day, isn’t it?

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