Health Care Life Coaching Program: Stretching

Health Care Life Coaching Program: Fast Facts about Bones and Stretching

The Human Body is the most complex machine that could ever be understood. It comprises of many things that are being held together for the proper functioning of the body. The bones and joints, muscles, blood cell, organs, cartilages and many more minute parts are responsible to perform some necessary functions in order to contribute to the entire working. Thus, it is necessary for us to take care of each of these parts that in return help us perform better.

Learn more about stretching.  Also please review our Health Care Life Coaching Program
Learn more about stretching. Also please review our Health Care Life Coaching Program

Let us now concentrate on the importance and the well being of bones. Have you thought of a boneless structure like the Amoeba? Have you ever imagined of being boneless? We could actually fit in anywhere. We would be less heavy and also easy to be carried around. But, more than these, there would be other difficulties that we would face. We will not have feet to stand on. Nor will we have hands to hold onto something. The absence of bones will not only make movement difficult, but also prevent us to hold on to something.

A human body is born with a total of about 300 bones, which are later reduced to 206 because of the merging of a few bones. Have you ever tried knowing a little more about our bones rather than the facts that you might have read in your science classes? A few rarely known facts about the human bones are as follows:

  1. The Face of a Human comprises of 14 bones.
  2. The number of bones in the neck of a human and that of a Giraffe is the same.
  3. Most of the bones in a human body are present in the hands. There are about 54 bones present in the human hands.
  4. The longest bone in the human body is the femur, called the thighbone.
  5. The femur is also the strongest bone although it is hollow.
  6. The femur is about ¼ the height of the individual.
  7. The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes bone in the ear. It is about 1/10 of an inch.
  8. The bones weigh almost 14% of the total body weight of an individual.
  9. The only bone that is fully grown at the time of birth is the one present in the ear.
  10. The foot has about 26 bones in it.

There is another important fact that people rarely know about the bones and the effect the gravitational force has on them. This force compels the bones to maintain the density that is needed to hold the body. Thus, when astronauts are floating in zero gravity conditions, they tend to experience bone loss and are more prone to bone fractures when they return.

The most important parts of the bones are the joints. Aging of the bones may result to joint pain. The joints or the bones are covered by a cartilage which in turn is protected by fluid producing synovial membranes. This fluid comprises of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide gases. Have you observed the cracking sound that may come when you stretch your bones or the joints? It is the release of these gases that causes the sound. However, one needs to take utmost care of such joints as it is because if their well being that we will be able to move around easily.

Joint pain and problems are usually found in people who are inactive or even overactive at times. A human body requires enough movement of both joints and muscles to maintain their health. Old age is one common reason that keeps people away from being active. For people who are suffering from joint related problems and have weak joints, there are a number of joint supplements and joint health shakes that help in keeping them healthy and active. If you are facing a problem to remain active all day long, you can make use of supplements such as Dendrobium and Mucuna Pruriens that are natural supplements and do not cause any harm.

Most importantly it is necessary to take good care of your joints and make sure you get them treated at an early age so that it may not grow up to become a larger and a more complex issue in your old age. Just a few precautionary steps along with some nutritional supplements will help in keeping your bones and joints fit and strong to carry you all through your life.



James Hundson is a fitness trainer who has been helping people achieve their fitness goals faster in a healthy manner. He believes in the natural way of dealing with health issues. He has been writing on various natural ways to maintain health and fitness, lose weight and also build strength and muscles.

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