‘Evil did not win” Newtown Shootings

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The article, “‘Evil did not win,’ say parents of Newtown victim as families launch website”, source; Fox News

“Parents of the 20 children killed in the Newtown shooting announced the formation of a singular website Monday dedicated to the memory of all the victims, while one family released an emotional video declaring that evil did not win.”

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Parents continue to show resiliency in their darkest grief in Newtown as they share their stories and courage with the world.  The families have jointly created a new website in commeration of the deaths of those killed in the Newtown shooting almost a year ago.

Grief counselors or those becoming a certified grief counselor will notice a healthy use of their energy and time as they grieve via constructive ways–namely remembrance.

Parents from the shooting proclaim evil did not win, and that the memory of their child has prompted them to give more to other children and funds.  The love their daughter had for others lives on as they donate in her name to less fortunate children.  In this way, her memory lives on as well as her heart.

They also have been overwhelmed by the love of support of so many other people around the country.  That love and support shows the parents the good that exists in this world despite the evil action that took place.  The support also helps them push forward in their own healing process.

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