Sandy Hook dad talks about 911 tapes – Video

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

A sad video about the loss of the families at Sandyhook.  The videos in order talk about the pain of individual parents, the needs they have and the disturbing 911 call.

Compounded with the holidays, the approaching anniversary of the shooting, and the traumatic loss itself, these parents are facing a grief nightmare that noone can imagine.

The best thing according to grief counselors is for them to talk and for others to listen.

One particular sad moment is how the father of one of the victims, has left the Christmas tree up all year, which was to be decorated the weekend after the shooting took place.  The grief has paralzied him from decorating the tree.  One can only imagine the pain and suffering and our prayers go out to him and these families.

If you would like to learn how to become a grief counselor then please review our program.  The grief counseling program consists of four core courses.  After completion of those four courses, qualified professionals can become a grief counselor.

After three years, the grief counselor must recertify if he or she wishes to continue.  Recertification requires five hundred hours of grief counseling related work and fifty hours of continuing education in grief counseling.


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