Advent as Grateful Waiting for God’s Gift of Spiritual Companionship

The article, “Advent as Grateful Waiting for God’s Gift of Spiritual Companionship”, by Donovan Ackley III, Ph.D. states

“Waiting has been a powerful spiritual theme in my life, especially with regard to decades of delay in being able to live as a fully adult man, delayed for decades as a transgender person stalled by both doctors and religious mentors in a wilderness experience of confusion and falsehood.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:

Christian Counselors await the birth of Christ, like all Christians.  Advent is thus a time of waiting and preparing ourselves as the patriarchs of old awaited the coming of the Messiah.

Spiritual reflection, fasting and good works are an important element of Christmas, especially during the Advent season where we re-celebrate the birht of Christ. Those who are thinking of becoming a certified Christian Counselor can help prepare their spiritual children during Advent.  Whether Protestant, Orthodox or Catholic, any form of spiritual preparation is acceptable.  Advent or in the Eastern Church, Phillip’s Fast does not need to be just for one form of Christianity but can be shared by all, as one Church prepares for the coming of their Savior.   While the spiritual preparation is not as intense, as for Easter,  one should remember it is still a spiritual time.  The amount of parties and Holiday sensationalism sometimes switch the time of preparation as a time of celebration.

The reality is that the Christmas season starts December 25th, in which the Eastern Church proclaims, Christ is born! and our response, Glorify Him!

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The certification can be renewed after three years.  Within those three years, the certified Christian Counselor must take fifty hours of continuing education and practice five hundred hours worth of Christian Counseling.

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