ADHD Drug Abusers Not Fooling Doctors!

Using Quotient To Catch ADHD Drug Abusers

People have been caught red handed faking ADHD so they can get prescriptions for ADHD drugs.    Students are abusing these drugs for the high they cause and some of them are using to increase their concentration before exams.   If used as a study aid or not this is a big concern.  ADHD drug abusers is a big issue!

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“College students faking symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder to get hold of pills may have met their match in an ADHD lie detector device.

People are acting fidgety and inattentive to try to dupe doctors into writing prescriptions for ADHD drugs, which can be used to get high, stay awake or concentrate while studying. The growing illicit use of the drugs on college campuses and a tripling in emergency-room visits linked to the pills have helped spur efforts to improve diagnosis.”

 Students use drugs like Adderall XR and Ritalin to help them focus before exams and work harder without distractions on pages and assignments.   The ends however do not justify the means.   It is still drug abuse.

Doctors are fighting back!  They have a tool called “Quotient”   Quotient is a computer equipped with infrared motion tracking equipment designed to record movements and responses.   It is programmed with data from actual ADHD patients.    These movements are hard to fake and can accurately tell whether someone is putting on a show for the doctors by 92%.

Doctors are also stating that Quotient can also be used to help parents find out if their child has ADHD and if ADHD prescription drugs could help them out.    A lot of doctors are turning to this computer to help them accurately diagnose ADHD and not just try to detect fakers.

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