How Certified Grief Counselors Can Help Grieving Military Children

The article, “How to Help Grieving Military Children”, by Bonnie Carroll states

“Assuring children that grief is a normal expression of loss is important. While military children are very resilient, it is important for parents and caregivers to pay attention to how children are responding.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

A big challenge that certified grief counselors face today is the grief of military children.  They have a unique grief, whether its over loss, or the constant fear of losing a loved one.

This article looks into what certified grief counselors can do to help the grieving children of military families by asserting that they have a unique set of stressors that other military families do not have.  The life of the military and other stresses of long absense play a big role

If a death happens, the death is often public and that can affect a child.  Also opinions on how soldiers die in public forums can negatively effect the child.  These ideas and much more is in this informative article that grief counselors should not miss

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Certified grief counselors than have three years of certification until the date of renewal.


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