Certified in Grief Counseling: The Grief My Son Does Not Deserve

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The article, “Getting Past the Grief Over a Child With Special Needs”, by Ellen Seidman states

“Max’s 11th birthday is coming up. My 11th anniversary as a mom is coming up. His birth will never be a happy event for me, yet why does it have to still hurt so much?”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Certified in Grief Counseling

One of the most courageous acts of a parent is caring for a special need child.  it is an act of love but also a cross.  You realize your child will never have a normal life but you nonetheless cherish the life the child does have.

You sacrifice and move on, but for many an underlying grief can remain that needs to be healed.  This article is about that grief that exists for the parents of children with special needs.

If you have any interests in grief counseling, then please review the program.  Those who become certified in grief counseling, will take four core courses in grief.  After completion of these courses, qualified professionals can become certified in grief counseling.

Those certified in grief counseling remain so for three years until renewal.  Those who wish to continue being certified must practice over five hundred hours of grief service and accumulate fifty hours of grief counseling education.


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