Preparing for the end: ‘death cafe’ brings people together to talk about dying

The article, “Preparing for the end: ‘death cafe’ brings people together to talk about dying”, by Nic MacBean.

“At a ‘death cafe’ in Brisbane, people sit around tables eating cake, drinking coffee, and talking about dying.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Social media is opening up doors that were never opened before.  People are able to express themselves more openly for better or worst but are also able to find niches and fellow human beings who share their joys and pains.

This is also true about grief and death.  People are becoming more open about death and dying and this is defintely a good thing.  Kubler Ross believed that denying death stops us from truly living for the day.  With death cafes and a variety of others social venues, people are now talking about death.

Grief counselors can also take advantage of this and start to help people express themselves regarding grief, dying and death.

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