Learning to Meditate Meditation Instead of Medication

learning to meditate
learning to meditate

The article, “Meditation Instead of Medication”, by Dr. Marcia Hootman states

“How many distractions do we live with today? Diversions include smart phones, laptops, iTunes, Netflix, social media and texting, to name a few. What if, in the midst of all this, you could maintain more focus?”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

How much of our ailments in this world is due simply to stress and rushing to make the next dollar?  If we would just maybe relax and meditate on life and enjoy it then maybe many ailments would become less and less.    By using meditation perhaps we could not need medication?   For example there are plenty of blood pressure drugs out there.  However daily meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Learning to meditate is an excellent way to restore health and vitality to one’s life.  Chronic stress, fatigue and related illnesses can all be lessened by meditation not necessarily medication.  This article looks at how meditation can enhance one’s life.

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