Understanding Hypnotherapy: How Hypnosis Works!

The article, “Biology behind hypnosis? One step closer? Psychoneuroendocrinology.” by Bryant RA, Hung L, Dobson-Stone C, Schofield PR states

“21.10.2013 Hypnosis is a poorly understood psychological phenomenon.15% of the population is considered to be being highly  hypnotisable (Woody et al., 2005).”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:

How Hypnosis Works!  The Biology Behind The Mental Magic!

Hypnotherapy is not some form of magic.   It has real life biological elements.   It affects the body and the brain not just the mind and the subconscious.    However not too many studies have been done on the biology behind hypnosis.   For this reason not much is known on how hypnotherapy affects you biologically.

One such study was recently conducted to see how hypnosis works and finally answer the question does hypnosis work and why it works for some and not for others?   It turns out that Oxytocin, a hormone your brain produces, might have something to do with hypnosis.   Via the study, patients that were given Oxytocin had an increased response to hypnotherapy than the patients in the placebo group.

What is Oxytocin and why does it have such a strong effect?  Oxytocin is a hormone that our brain produces and uses to lower anxiety.    Studies have found that people who produce more Oxytocin tend to be more relaxed and happier.    This could be the answer to how hypnotherapy works.    When your mind is in a more relaxed state, it is easier to enter a trance.

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