Christian Counseling Certification : Don't Forget the Poor During Christmas

Christian Counseling Certification : Care of the Poor During Christmas

While care of the poor is vocation all Christians must undertake the whole year, it is especially important to remember the poor during Christmas.  Christian Counselors should lead and partake in various ministries that alleviate the suffering of the poor during Christmas.  There are a multitude of ways this can be accomplished.
First, donating various articles.  Clothes, coats, and other articles of use can be donated to various charities in your community.  One should take the time to go through old and unused materials that could be useful for a poor family.
Second, donation of food is critical.  Many shelters have Christmas dinners.  One can volunteer or donate various canned goods or even donate a Christmas Ham.
Third, toys give great joy to children.  Be sure to sponsor a child or give to an organization that finds toys for poor children.

Christ Had A Special Ministry For the Poor

An Icon of Christ Feeding the Multitude
An Icon of Christ Feeding the Multitude
Christ’s love for the poor was a large part of his ministry.  Many of his parables and deeds correlate with a message to care for the poor.  Christ’s first and foremost purpose was our spiritual salvation, but he also understood the need of our physical well being.
When he fed the thousands, he was concerned for the people’s hunger.  He had already satisfied their spiritual hunger with his words, but through an act of charity, he also satisfied their physical hunger by multiplying the bread and fish.  This miracle would later foreshadow the Last Supper where Christ gave us His Body and Blood to feed our spiritual hunger.
This Christmas, let us try to spread the message of the Incarnation to spiritually feed others but let us also physically feed the hungry and care for the poor via acts of charity.  Remember, when you do a charitable act for a least of your brethren, you do it for Christ.
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Mark Moran, MA