Legal Nurse Consulting and Radiology Malpractice Statistics

Legal Nurse Consultants and Radiology Malpractice

Legal Nurse Consulting
Many malpractice cases involve Legal Nurse Consultants and their testimony – Legal Nurse Consulting
The chance of a health care provider being sued is always high and realistic.  Legal nurse consultants can help in cases where there is legitimate case or even defend the health care provider if they feel the patient is in the wrong.  One such area is radiology.  Below is research on malpractice within radiology.

The Department of Radiology of the NJ Medical School conducted research on statistics involving malpractice suits on radiologists.  Their findings showed a fifty percent change of such claims with men more likely being higher than women to be sued.  Their complete findings can be found under their abstract, “The Demography of Medical Malpractice Suits Against Radiologists”  This article was found on
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