Holistic Nurses Recommend Vitamin D Supplementation For Many Reasons

Holistic Nursing and the Use of Vitamin D

In the cloudy days of winter, many people are denied the warm rays of the sun.  The clouds do not only rob people of warmth but also Vitamin D.  This vitamin is essential for better immune systems and energy.
Holistic nursing has always encouraged the importance of vitamin supplements.  This is because many diets lack certain vitamins that are critical to good health.  Vitamin D is no exception. John Phillip below writes about the benefits of Vitamin D and the even greater benefit of its anti-cancer attribtues.

John Phillip in NaturalNews.com, writes about the benefits of Vitamin D in his article, “Researchers Uncover Vital Details to Explain How Vitamin D Prevents Cancer”

“It is an undisputed, scientifically validated fact that vitamin D helps to  prevent many chronic conditions ranging from heart disease to diabetes, stroke  and dementia. Some of the most compelling work has shown that the prohormone can  cut the risk associated with certain forms of cancer by as much as 78 percent. “

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