Health Coaching Program Success Stories

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Battle of the waistline!

When following a health coaching program it can be hard at first.   There will be set backs.   There will even be times when you feel like quitting altogether.   Even the best health coach sometimes cannot keep you motivated and on track.   You need something different to renew your weight loss and healthy living focus.   You need to see that dieting and exercise really do work and your efforts will pay off.   That is why success stories are so important.   They show us that everyday people are sticking to the plan and seeing huge results.    It inspires us and helps us get back on the proverbial horse.
By Corey Barton
From Huffington Post

Following a Health Coaching Program Can Have Big Results!

The article, “I Lost Weight: Corey Barton Started Biking To Work And Lost 130 Pounds”, Source: Huffington Post states

How I Gained It: For many years I was involved in a lot of unhealthy relationships that were causing me to make poor life choices — especially when it came to food! One poor decision led to many more poor decisions and before I knew it, six years had gone by and I was now a pack-a-day smoker, morbidly obese and completely miserable.”

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He found a health coaching program that worked for him and he stuck to his guns. We can all transform our unhealthy lifestyles.  All we need to do is find a driving force behind the change and a way to incorporate these changes into our daily lives.    We all can make dramatic changes in our lives, if we put our minds to it.    Live well!
If you are interested in helping others fulfill their healthy lifestyle goals then maybe you should look into earning your health coach certification?