Home Care and Case Management Services

Case Management and the Primary Care Giver

case management services
How case management services help patients.
Many times caring for a loved one in a home environment can often become overwhelming. The instructions that the person receives from the physician and other medical professionals are not always an easy transition for those who are on the outside of the medical field. For example, the patient’s physician may give the caregiver instructions on medications in the morning hours, they may also receive wound-care instructions from their nurse in the afternoon hours, and they can talk to a social worker about the patient housing needs before the end of that same day. This is one of the main reasons why case manager is assigned to cases so that they can assist the family with navigating through these different options. Case management services can also help the family with getting the proper professional health care in the home. There job is to help by advocating on behalf of the patient so that they can get have the best outcome for their medical care.
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Paul Craig