Grill Better with Holistic Education

How to Use Holistic Education to Build a Better Burger

The article, “Which Is Healthier: Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?”, by EatingWell states

“It’s grilling season and chances are you’ll be making that ever-important cookout decision: hot dog or hamburger? Some people, no doubt, are cheering “Both!” But if you’re trying to make a healthier choice, which one is the healthier pick?”

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Not much holistic education can do for the hotdog though.  They are full of nitrates and salt.  If you need to have them at your BBQs, you can choose a better hotdog.    Try and find one that is low in sodium and all natural.   Skip the white bun, of course, for a whole wheat option then add fresh cut onions, mustard and maybe some sauerkraut.   Or if you want to kick things up, grill a hot pepper and use that in place of the bun.    It adds flavor and cut calories.  Think healthy and start living better!
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