Holistic Nursing Health Care: Sugar in Our Drinks

A glass of soda with ice cubes being dropped into it.
Do you have any idea how much sugar is in this glass?










Holistic nursing health care helps us to know how to eat right and what we should be putting in our bodies.   Many times, however, we will try to eat and drink right but find out later that our healthy juice drink was nothing more than concentrated juice with a bucket of sugar added.   This deceptive marketing tactic can crash diets and is increasing our weight lines.   Holistic health care teaches us that we do not need refined sugars found in most juice drinks and sodas.   They are not good for us.  You would be surprised how much sugar is in these drink.

The article, “Sugar In Soda: How Much Is Really In All Your Favorite Drinks?”, Source: Huffington Post states

“Sugary drinks are all over the news lately. From New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban of the sale of super-sized drinks with added sugar last month to Los Angeles Councilman Mitch Englander’s more recent proposal to bar the sale of sugary drinks from the city’s public spaces, like parks and libraries, legislators are eager to limit access to the public health hazard of what experts call “sugar sweetened beverages.”

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Holistic nursing has shown us that there are better alternatives out there. In nature something sweet should be accompanied by fiber.   Take an apple for example, it is sweet and it also packs on average 5g of fiber.    It has plenty of vitamins as well.  So next time someone you know is reaching for the green stuff, hand them a glass of unsweetened ice tea and an apple.   You’ll be doing them a favor.

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