Health Care Coaching Fitness Quotes.

A lady jogging on the beach at sunrise
Health care coaching does not care what your motivation is.

Every field of study has inspiration quotes.   Health care coaching is no different.   Some quotes carry personal meanings.  Some lift us past the tire and sore feelings to do that last rep.   Others inspire us to make the change.   Anyway you look at it health coaching professionals know that they can be powerful motivators.  Health coaches know that a personal mantra can be the difference between a night on the couch and a night at the gym.

Fitness Quotes from Health Care Coaching Professionals.

The article, “Fitness Quotes: Sayings To Get You Moving”, Source: Huffington Post states

“Despite everything we know about the benefits of exercise, it’s still easy to make excuses to skip a workout. You’ve probably heard them all, and tried out at least a few: I’m too tired, I don’t have the time, I’m not good at it.”

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Health care coaching is not all about quotes.   It is about lifestyle changes and living a better, healthier life.   If they, however, get you to the gym then more power to them!

My personal favorite from the bunch is “No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch”.   Get out there live healthy everyone!
If you like motivating people then perhaps you should earn a health care life coaching certification.