Nursing Stress Management Advice

Nursing Stress Management can help nurses avoid burnout.  How to manage stress is the biggest question.    Luckily there are online resources to show us how managing stress can be easy.  First step to manage stress is to identify your stress triggers.   Once you “know the enemy” you can create plans to deal with it.   I know this aspect of stress management is easier said than done but an article below might help give a little more insight.
By Cynthia Howard, RN, CNC, PhD
From Nurse Together

Nursing Stress Management Made Easy!

A nurse at her desk who looks stressed
Nursing stress management can help you relax and keep focus.

Part 1:  The balance of care and over care: Caring at your expense
Got up late again… Had to bake those cupcakes for the school picnic. Sarah asked me to switch with her and work today even though I really wanted off so that I could get it all done and sleep too! Oh well, I just do not like to say no. It is really getting to me though. I am tired and testy with my family and I really have lost myself in this process. Some days I just want to run away and hide so no one knows where I am.
Do you relate to any of this?
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Again first step in nursing stress management is to identify the cause of your stress.   Are you doing too much or “over-caring”?   Perhaps you should learn to say “No” and take time out just for you.
If you want to learn more about stress management then you might want to take our online stress management consultant certificate program found on our webpage.