Holistic Health: Alternatives to Soda

Holistic health care is all about finding ways to improve your life and keep you healthy.   So holistic nutrition is always looking for ways to substitute the unhealthy for the healthy.   Today holistic nutritionists have found ways for you to replace the sugary, HFCS heavy, caffeine loaded sodas with healthy, nutritional, and holistic health care approved alternatives.

Two cute girls drinking ice tea outside in a garden
Holistic health should start young! Give your children ice tea instead of soda.

From Huffington Post

Holistic Health News: Replacing Summer Sodas!

Especially in summer months, when we should up our liquid consumption to avoid dehydration, it’s important to keep drink choices healthy and plentiful, but also enticing. And if New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is able to pass his proposed ban on supersized sodas, at least one city’s residents will need a low-cal alternative come the dog days of August.
Liquid sources of added sugar are especially dangerous in our diet, explains HuffPost blogger Dr. Mark Hyman in an exploration of the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup (or HFCS), the type of full-calorie sweetener that is found in many sugary drinks:
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Holistic health professionals strongly suggest that you avoid high-fructose corn syrup.   With plenty of healthy options like ice tea, fresh juice, and infused waters available it is about time we cut the soda habit.    Holistic living does not have to be hard and honestly cold ice tea on a hot day cannot be beat!
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