Health Coaching News: Exercise Increases Lifespan

Young couple working out on a trendmill
Health Coaching suggests exercise can help lengthen your life!

Health Coaching professionals are always stating the obvious about exercise.   It is good for your heart.   It keeps you trim and fit.   It helps to lead to a better diet.  Now they are adding something new to the list.   Exercise can add years to your life.   For a list of the best exercises health care coaches suggest, check out this article:

Health Coaching News: Exercise Increases Lifespan

The article, “Exercises That Can Add Years To Your Life”, Source: Huffington Post states

“Working out isn’t only about how you’ll look in that bikini. Getting — and staying — in shape boosts heart health, helps your skin and improves your sleep, to mention just a few of the healthy perks.”

For the full article please go here.

These health coaching tips are easy to do as well.    It could be as simple as parking further in the back of the lot then walking to the store or taking a few flights of stairs.   Health care coaching to better your life ultimately starts with your personal commitment to a healthy, better you.   If you want to learn about health care life coaching or becoming a health care coach, you might want to visit our site.