Holistic Nutrition for Summer Time Grilling

a picture of burning hot coals
HCA’s are produced by flame ups that occur when fat from the meat hits the hot coals.







How can you mix holistic nutrition with all of the fatty, unhealthy options associated with summer grilling?   With such summer time favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers, is it possible to have a holistic diet that works?  Believe it or not but many of the lean meats we grill can be healthy for us.   The problem lies not with the cuts we grill but the grilling.   When we grill our food over an open flame this causes char to form on the meat.   This is what is bad about grilling.  An excellent article has more:

Holistic Nutrition for Summer Time Grilling

The article, “Anita’s Healthy Tips”, by Anita Capizzi states

I love it when the warm weather begs us to cook outdoors and enjoy the longer days by having dinner on the patio. That means making sure that the grill is in working order and ready to use. Whether you favor charcoal or gas, how you grill can have health consequences.”

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How do we combat the format of HCA’s?  There are several methods discussed and they all involve the same strategy; stop the open flames from touching the meat.   If you can do that then you will have no problem fitting holistic nutrition into your summer time fun!   If you want to learn more about holistic health care, you should check out our website.