The Christian Family and It’s Inherent Rights

Christian Family: Attacks from the World

The Christian Family serves as a beacon in the turbulent sea guiding others to the light of Christ.  It is blessed with an apostolic mission to preserve and preach the doctrines of Christ.  It is the Church in miniature.  It is of no wonder then that Satan would hope to destroy it.  Christian counselors, the church and the state have an obligation to defend the family from such onslaughts. 

The first Christian Family
The first Christian Family. If you would like to become a certified Christian Counselor, then please review

Social pressures from beyond devalue the family.  Instances on the acceptability of divorce are widespread in the news and tabloids.  A desensitization has begun that numbs society to the lack of the binding nature of marriage. Beyond this exists the culture of death that promotes abortion , or other ideals that attempt to distort the nature of the conjugal act between man and wife.

If the attacks of the world do not come from social outlets they can also originate from the state.  Governments throughout the world, and in some cases even in America, hope to wedge themselves into affairs that do not concern them.  Issues of sex education arise as the state deems itself the authority to inform children of such sacred mysteries without parental consent.  Other agencies hope to strip parents of their inherent and God given right to educate their children.  Home Schooling has emerged as a counter revolt against the secularization and infestation of various heresies found in public schools.  Christian counseling should always champion these rights of the parents over the rights of the state in the raising and education of the child or children.

Sometimes the interference of the state goes beyond mere bureaucratic irritation but involves belligerent state interference.  In communist countries, the right of the parent and family to procreate is limited and in some cases, women and men are forced to become sexually sterilized.  Such satanic originated influence cries to God for justice.  The very nature of the family is assaulted by the government in these situations.

Christian counseling, the church, and the state need to become champions of the family.  Through the good advice of Christian counselors, families can understand their inherent rights and begin to show the fruits of their sacred union.

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By Mark Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C