What is Holistic Health Care?

Holistic health care is when a doctor or practitioner looks at a person’s whole body versus their current condition. This is in contrast to traditional health care, where only a specific portion of the body is examined. Holistic care examines each specific person and determines exactly what is affecting the person’s whole being. The mind, body, spirit and spiritual aspects of a person are all examined with the idea that specific illnesses can be cured naturally, rather than treated with medicine. Once the various problem areas are cured, the illness will be cured too.

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Holistic Health Care in a basket!
Holistic health care does not include the various medications a traditional doctor would prescribe. Instead, holistic care believes in balancing the mind, body and spirit by utilizing natural herbs. These herbs, accompanied by a change in the person’s diet, help to fix the imbalance inside of the body. Since there is a source for all symptoms, this has proven to be a very effective method in curing people’s ailments.
Since herbs are natural they will not cause any adverse side effects, unlike those seen in various medications. The idea is that nature, along with all of its nutrients and vitamins will work together to heal the patient. However, if a doctor can not find a cure for a patient, they will recommend medicine or a surgical procedure if needed. Unfortunately, there are times when a patient has waited too long and Western medicinal practices might be the only way to ensure that they will be cured.

Holistic Health Care

The doctors who provide holistic care often have their own areas of expertize. That is to say that there are holistic dentists, dietitians and general practitioners. However, there are many other areas of specialties that a holistic doctor may recommend. Some of these areas include:
Acupuncture: Acupuncture was developed in ancient China and utilizes needles in its practice. These needles help to open up the flow of energy throughout the body. This essentially helps the body balance its internal energies. When these energies, or qi, are blocked, they are said to cause diseases or other ailments.
Applied Kinesiology: These practitioners study the body’s muscles to provide feedback about the energy in the body. The feedback will indicate areas of the body where pressure or stimulation should be applied. Once applied, the body’s natural energy can flow normally which helps the body return to a balanced state.
Chiropractic: Chiropractors are widely used throughout the world. These doctors are recommended when there is a misalignment of a vertebrae in a person’s back or neck. These misalignments are believed to stop the flow of nerve impulses throughout the body. When these nerve impulses are allowed to flow freely, they enhance the body’s healing process.
Dentistry: Holistic dentists use non-toxic materials to repair the teeth of their patients. The mercury found in normal dentistry materials is actually toxic to the body. Holistic practitioners believe that healthy and strong teeth are vital to the health of a person’s body.
Reflexology: Reflexology is the use of pressure to a person’s hands and feet. These areas, when targeted, help promote blood circulation and relaxation. This assists the body’s transition into a normal and balanced state.

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Reiki: Reiki is a practice where a practitioner transfers their energy from their palms into their patient. This energy that is transferred helps the recipient’s body naturally heal itself and be restored to a state of equilibrium. The areas that are targeted are aligned with the body’s chakras in an effort to help them open up and send energy through the patient at the same time.
These types of care, along with herbs and a proper diet, are used to help the energy inside the body flow uniformly. Holistic health care is a growing field that has seen the increased use of massaging, breathing and relaxation as well. Holistic nurses often teach relaxation classes to clients. When the body is in a harmonious state, the body will start to heal itself naturally. The holistic healing process is said to be more complete than Western methods because it finds and cures the root causes of a problem. Once the root causes are eliminated, the body will be back to a harmonious state of being. As the study of the body’s internal energy progresses, holistic health care will expand even further.
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Natural Holistic Health Care is what you eat!