Schizophrenia Video

Schizophrenia is obviously a disorder treated by highly trained licensed counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists with specialty training in the disorder.   Mere certified counselors may come across it and hence should have a basic understanding of it and when to call for help.  The disorder itself distorts reality for many.  Individuals have grandiose goals and ideals that are not connected to reality.  They also are in and out of acute state of psychosis where they may feel they are in danger or being followed.  Some behaviors are outwardly unacceptable due to action, while other behaviors are unacceptable due to inaction.  Some may be deeper trapped within their own mind and unable to articulate thought completely.

The broken mind caused by Schizophrenia. Please also review AICHP’s healthcare certifications


If ever dealing with one, one never should confront a delusion, but merely ignore it, and not escalate the situation.  No type of therapy can be conducted during acute psychosis.

Please also review AIHCP’s Christian Counseling Program, as well as many of its other mental health certifications.  AIHCP does not offer any type of education in schizophrenia itself, but again reiterates the importance of only licensed professionals with appropriate background in the disorder to deal with these types of individuals who sometimes can become quite dangerous if not medicated.


Please review the video below